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Experience laughter, wisdom and Passionate Action with Sri and Kira Live! Their guest experts each week are equally bold and visionary and together they'll offer you fresh perspectives that capture the essence of what is happening in the world NOW! This show is fresh, funny, informative and timely! Phone lines are open during the show for your questions/input and mini soul readings.
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Dec 28, 2014

2015 is here and so is the escalator to Ascension!  This is a very special show and Sri and Kira will share predictions and revelations for the year ahead along with welcoming Transformational Troubadour, Bob Sima.

Tune in and celebrate the year we are bringing to culmination as you invite the spirit of ascension into your heart. Humanity is moving forward and as the November/December 2014 energy finds its vast crescendo so is your life!  It is time embrace the momentum of your self-ascension.    During the show you will also enjoy a preview  of Bob’s new album as you smile and sink into the spaciousness of beautiful music and spirit. 

Dec 21, 2014

Every day new scientific discoveries are validating what those on a spiritual journey have known for years.  These revelations are happening alongside the 24 hour media cycle that is trying to compete for your attention and keep you locked into fear and doubt.

As we start to look ahead to 2015 and beyond can we resolve science and spirit to find a common ground that uplifts humanity?  Sri and Kira welcome back James Tyberron as they go deeply into the hard questions that are either being hidden, glossed over or simply ignored! 

Ready for some answers to the intriguing times ahead?

Tune in and enjoy the exploration! The lines are open for questions, mini soul reading requests or to just say hello

Dec 14, 2014

We live in extraordinary times and within a short time an entire generation that carries the powerful diversity of the mid 20th century will no longer be here in form to share and dialogue.  When humanity can gather and receive information for all the generations as one we become enlightened.

This December is the time to remember and reconnect with those who have held the light for everyone!  This is a very important show as Sri and Kira are honored to welcome RA-Ja Merk Dove, a true pioneer of the consciousness movement that has completely dedicated his life to the expansion of all.  Open your heart and join this beautiful discussion as together we will cross the lines of the generations, offer our gratitude and truly ignite. The lines are open! 

Dec 7, 2014

It has been said that all religions of the planet have at their center the attainment of living from your heart.  Is this really all there is or is this merely the beginning?  Are we literally “wired” to discover this hidden jewel within?

As December begins it is time to explore the energy of the heart at a much deeper level and to illuminate its vast availability beyond the known. Sri and Kira welcome author and healer Joan Cerio as they vibrantly dive into the science, spirituality and metaphysics of our heart.