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Experience laughter, wisdom and Passionate Action with Sri and Kira Live! Their guest experts each week are equally bold and visionary and together they'll offer you fresh perspectives that capture the essence of what is happening in the world NOW! This show is fresh, funny, informative and timely! Phone lines are open during the show for your questions/input and mini soul readings.
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Feb 22, 2015

Does your Soul have a preference for how you experience your life on earth?  Are you “hard wired” to learn in certain ways?  What effect does your soul signature have on partnership and union?

Uniquely different and valuable to understand, Sri and Kira will discuss the four essential Ascended “Soul Types” and how these soul energies influence your destiny and your Joy.

Does free will support or interfere with your “design”?

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Feb 16, 2015

Join us on the ‘day after Valentines day’ as Sri and Kira share the myths of Sacred Union and how this form of partnership differs from traditional Relationships and even traditional Marriage.  

Tune in as they explore romantic love, karmic infatuation and soul love…and learn how and WHY you should know how to discern the difference.  

We welcome your calls – join the conversation about the pain and the joy of relationships.  Discover 4-key steps for living in true Union with a partner or with the Divine.  


Feb 8, 2015

Sri and Kira  were recently interviewed by a journalist on the occasion of their 12th wedding anniversary and what they shared was amazing.  Listen in and hear how they met, what their lives were like before walking the path of Self-Ascension and some new revelations that they hae not shared before.  This fascinating show is for anyone who is ready for the partnership of their dreams.  What they say will surprise and delight you. 

Feb 1, 2015

There exists within the expanded spiritual Ascended heart.  When we open this we often can be confused by what we discover.  Can compassion be indifferent?  That is, when do we intervene in the suffering of others and when do we stand aside and hold presence for them to empower themselves?  How do we heal heartache?  What role does compassion play in our ascension? How does passion differ from compassion?  If the Heart is the destination of spiritual practice, then what? 

What is the true heart of service and how far does it extend?

Sri and Kira dive deeply into this powerful topic and the LINES are OPEN! Call in to share your experiences, ask your questions or for a mini-soul reading.


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