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Experience laughter, wisdom and Passionate Action with Sri and Kira Live! Their guest experts each week are equally bold and visionary and together they'll offer you fresh perspectives that capture the essence of what is happening in the world NOW! This show is fresh, funny, informative and timely! Phone lines are open during the show for your questions/input and mini soul readings.
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Apr 5, 2015

The Seven-year ascension portal has opened and on April 04 the Full Moon Lunar eclipse created the sacred “anchoring” to assist humanity. Tune in as Sri & Kira share about these events and then, sit back, relax and enjoy a very Special experience of the FULL AUDIO of the March 20 Ascension Activation Insoulment!

This powerful Birthing discourse will assist you far beyond the words…simply relax into the energy as you to expand your vision and fly with the angels!

Mar 29, 2015

Have you noticed the shift in energy on our planet? Wondering how you can fit into this rapid shift without feeling compromised or concerned? With everything that is now manifesting it is paramount to invite your ascended presence to lead.

Today Sri and Kira share potent and tangible “secrets” of success that will assist you to understand with greater clarity the years ahead and how you can harness the vast unlimited reserve of energy to secure your success! This is a LIVE SHOW and call in to share your experiences, ask a question or receive a mini soul reading.

Mar 1, 2015

The time is NOW! The energetics of our world are being enveloped in the energy of truth and the throat chakra is king for the month of March. This means that things will get very interesting and connecting with your inner voice is more important than ever!

Sri and Kira share MUCH about the power of living your truth and the simple things you can do to be sure you are! Consider it your Ascension Checklist!

Tune in and dive deeply into your most amazing moment and the LINES are OPEN! Share your experiences, ask your questions or request a mini-soul reading.

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Feb 1, 2015

There exists within the expanded spiritual Ascended heart.  When we open this we often can be confused by what we discover.  Can compassion be indifferent?  That is, when do we intervene in the suffering of others and when do we stand aside and hold presence for them to empower themselves?  How do we heal heartache?  What role does compassion play in our ascension? How does passion differ from compassion?  If the Heart is the destination of spiritual practice, then what? 

What is the true heart of service and how far does it extend?

Sri and Kira dive deeply into this powerful topic and the LINES are OPEN! Call in to share your experiences, ask your questions or for a mini-soul reading.


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Jan 4, 2015

With the myriad of spiritual beliefs and ways to access the mysteries of the universe as vast as the universe, is there a way to definitively experience the divine? Can we connect without years of meditation or study? Is the vast gift of divine connection only for the few or can anyone discover the beauty and healing capacity of this energy?

Sri and Kira welcome very special guest Neeta Singal of Mumbai, India as together they discuss the ancient science of RRST and Ascension.

Tune in as you expand yourawareness and allow your deepest soul’s knowing to awaken to the vast potential of your limitless abundance! This is a fascinating show with open phone lines! Be sure to call in to ask your questions, receive your answers and to ask for mini soul readiings.