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Experience laughter, wisdom and Passionate Action with Sri and Kira Live! Their guest experts each week are equally bold and visionary and together they'll offer you fresh perspectives that capture the essence of what is happening in the world NOW! This show is fresh, funny, informative and timely! Phone lines are open during the show for your questions/input and mini soul readings.
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May 17, 2015

More than ever we are being called to make the choice about how we decide to live our lives amongst the unfolding world stage.  As the Earth begins her seven year ascent and the twinning energies emerge every stronger, there is the moment at hand to either Relax, Trust and Know OR its twin energy, Fear, Chaos and Doubt.

Sri and Kira share how to anchor the vast twin energies ahead as all of humanity begins its ride into the world ahead!

Tune in to an intriguing show with some stunning new revelations shared.

May 10, 2015

Daily we seem to experience some form of fundamentalist experience coloring the scenery of our lives.  From the drama of the news to the day to day expression of points of view things are heating up and this energy IS influencing our world.  Sri and Kira offer a unique and intriguing sharing about this energy and why during the month of May it is the perfect time to have this discussion.

Is fundamentalism limited to one aspect of humanity or does it influence more?

Why is it rising and does it serve a purpose?

What does it really mean to be fundamentalist?

May 3, 2015

The Earth is twinning, the moon is full and we are entering the shadow of a powerful Mercury retrograde!  More than ever, now is the time to pay attention the the energies of our planet as sustainable "waves of enlightenment"!  Yet, everything is changing and polarity is reaching powerful new highs everyday.  

Sri and Kira share extensive information and tips on how to navigate this potential storm of energy for success!  The lines are open so call in with your questions, sharing and soul,reading requests.

Apr 26, 2015

Planet Earth will “crown” herself in May as the planetary Chakra Vastu brings us to the crown. What does this mean and why do we want to know? Sri & Kira share extensive “secrets” about the crown chakra and how you can tune into the vast energies that are supporting those who choose to connect…right now!

Ready for a life with greater peace, love, joy and abundance? Then tune in and enjoy a full hour of extraordinary insights and easy to apply processes that will bring a smile to your heart and your life!

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Apr 19, 2015

The universe is calling and there are many who are connecting! Sri & Kira share vast information about our divine connection with the Blue Starborn and unravel the mystery of the Cosmic Essene.

Were they the same as the Essene that walked at the time of Jesus?

Does all of humanity have Cosmic origin?

Are we in communication with beings of different worlds and if so, why is it important to connect right now? Tune in to an intriguing show with some stunning new revelations shared.

Apr 5, 2015

The Seven-year ascension portal has opened and on April 04 the Full Moon Lunar eclipse created the sacred “anchoring” to assist humanity. Tune in as Sri & Kira share about these events and then, sit back, relax and enjoy a very Special experience of the FULL AUDIO of the March 20 Ascension Activation Insoulment!

This powerful Birthing discourse will assist you far beyond the words…simply relax into the energy as you to expand your vision and fly with the angels!

Mar 29, 2015

Have you noticed the shift in energy on our planet? Wondering how you can fit into this rapid shift without feeling compromised or concerned? With everything that is now manifesting it is paramount to invite your ascended presence to lead.

Today Sri and Kira share potent and tangible “secrets” of success that will assist you to understand with greater clarity the years ahead and how you can harness the vast unlimited reserve of energy to secure your success! This is a LIVE SHOW and call in to share your experiences, ask a question or receive a mini soul reading.

Mar 8, 2015

The New Moon Full Solar Eclipse of March 20 is just a few weeks away and the energy of the shifting tides of the planet are here…now! What are you feeling and how are you dealing with your truth-filled world experience?

Today Sri & Kira will offer a wisdom filled perspective combined with laughter to assist all of humanity to navigate the times ahead through conscious preparation. This is a very special moment globally and you are on this planet for a reason!

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Mar 1, 2015

The time is NOW! The energetics of our world are being enveloped in the energy of truth and the throat chakra is king for the month of March. This means that things will get very interesting and connecting with your inner voice is more important than ever!

Sri and Kira share MUCH about the power of living your truth and the simple things you can do to be sure you are! Consider it your Ascension Checklist!

Tune in and dive deeply into your most amazing moment and the LINES are OPEN! Share your experiences, ask your questions or request a mini-soul reading.

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Feb 22, 2015

Does your Soul have a preference for how you experience your life on earth?  Are you “hard wired” to learn in certain ways?  What effect does your soul signature have on partnership and union?

Uniquely different and valuable to understand, Sri and Kira will discuss the four essential Ascended “Soul Types” and how these soul energies influence your destiny and your Joy.

Does free will support or interfere with your “design”?

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Feb 16, 2015

Join us on the ‘day after Valentines day’ as Sri and Kira share the myths of Sacred Union and how this form of partnership differs from traditional Relationships and even traditional Marriage.  

Tune in as they explore romantic love, karmic infatuation and soul love…and learn how and WHY you should know how to discern the difference.  

We welcome your calls – join the conversation about the pain and the joy of relationships.  Discover 4-key steps for living in true Union with a partner or with the Divine.  


Feb 8, 2015

Sri and Kira  were recently interviewed by a journalist on the occasion of their 12th wedding anniversary and what they shared was amazing.  Listen in and hear how they met, what their lives were like before walking the path of Self-Ascension and some new revelations that they hae not shared before.  This fascinating show is for anyone who is ready for the partnership of their dreams.  What they say will surprise and delight you. 

Feb 1, 2015

There exists within the expanded spiritual Ascended heart.  When we open this we often can be confused by what we discover.  Can compassion be indifferent?  That is, when do we intervene in the suffering of others and when do we stand aside and hold presence for them to empower themselves?  How do we heal heartache?  What role does compassion play in our ascension? How does passion differ from compassion?  If the Heart is the destination of spiritual practice, then what? 

What is the true heart of service and how far does it extend?

Sri and Kira dive deeply into this powerful topic and the LINES are OPEN! Call in to share your experiences, ask your questions or for a mini-soul reading.


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Jan 25, 2015

As the first month of 2015 rapidly comes to a close we examine the events, energies and clarity that has come forward while preparing ourselves for the month of HEART that is ahead.

Are you feeling stable in the current environment or are you feeling a need for greater balance? Is your heart already calling to you and what does this really mean? Far beyond the concept of love, the harnessing of your spiritual stability is a call to spiritual maturity!

Sri and Kira dedicate this powerful culminating show of January to explore the entire month, share what is ahead, and invite you to discover your spiritual maturity and why it matters to claim it today!

The lines are open! Call in to join the conversation, share your opinion or for a mini soul reading.


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Jan 18, 2015

With the accessibility of social media, YouTube, email and fast communications it seems that all one need to do is input a search term and an expert appears. Yet, who is the real expert in your life and how do you connect with your own Conscious Awakening?

Are more and more people aware of this moment or are they simply content within a status quo even if it is uncomfortable?

This is a powerful question and one that Sri & Kira will dive into with special guest Miriam Knight.

What really wags our world: Conscious awakening or the powers-that-be pulling strings to keep you contented within the matrix?

Join us as we explore this important discernment and the lines are open. Call in for questions, answers and your mini soul reading.

Jan 11, 2015

The Ascension energy is here and so are the culminating energies of the past 2000 years! This leads to big questions and even bigger expressions of the multitude of belief systems that have brought humanity to this very moment. What does this all mean and is there a simplicity in the midst of the complexity?

Sri and Kira will dive into the cavern of difference that exists between spiritual tenacity…what is it exactly….and spiritualized ego! As the energy of the Solar Plexus burns brightly for all of January the ability to find your perfect balance in the midst of the power struggle could rest in your understanding of this one profound experience.

A special show dedicated to YOU!


Jan 4, 2015

With the myriad of spiritual beliefs and ways to access the mysteries of the universe as vast as the universe, is there a way to definitively experience the divine? Can we connect without years of meditation or study? Is the vast gift of divine connection only for the few or can anyone discover the beauty and healing capacity of this energy?

Sri and Kira welcome very special guest Neeta Singal of Mumbai, India as together they discuss the ancient science of RRST and Ascension.

Tune in as you expand yourawareness and allow your deepest soul’s knowing to awaken to the vast potential of your limitless abundance! This is a fascinating show with open phone lines! Be sure to call in to ask your questions, receive your answers and to ask for mini soul readiings.

Dec 28, 2014

2015 is here and so is the escalator to Ascension!  This is a very special show and Sri and Kira will share predictions and revelations for the year ahead along with welcoming Transformational Troubadour, Bob Sima.

Tune in and celebrate the year we are bringing to culmination as you invite the spirit of ascension into your heart. Humanity is moving forward and as the November/December 2014 energy finds its vast crescendo so is your life!  It is time embrace the momentum of your self-ascension.    During the show you will also enjoy a preview  of Bob’s new album as you smile and sink into the spaciousness of beautiful music and spirit. 

Dec 21, 2014

Every day new scientific discoveries are validating what those on a spiritual journey have known for years.  These revelations are happening alongside the 24 hour media cycle that is trying to compete for your attention and keep you locked into fear and doubt.

As we start to look ahead to 2015 and beyond can we resolve science and spirit to find a common ground that uplifts humanity?  Sri and Kira welcome back James Tyberron as they go deeply into the hard questions that are either being hidden, glossed over or simply ignored! 

Ready for some answers to the intriguing times ahead?

Tune in and enjoy the exploration! The lines are open for questions, mini soul reading requests or to just say hello

Dec 14, 2014

We live in extraordinary times and within a short time an entire generation that carries the powerful diversity of the mid 20th century will no longer be here in form to share and dialogue.  When humanity can gather and receive information for all the generations as one we become enlightened.

This December is the time to remember and reconnect with those who have held the light for everyone!  This is a very important show as Sri and Kira are honored to welcome RA-Ja Merk Dove, a true pioneer of the consciousness movement that has completely dedicated his life to the expansion of all.  Open your heart and join this beautiful discussion as together we will cross the lines of the generations, offer our gratitude and truly ignite. The lines are open! 

Dec 7, 2014

It has been said that all religions of the planet have at their center the attainment of living from your heart.  Is this really all there is or is this merely the beginning?  Are we literally “wired” to discover this hidden jewel within?

As December begins it is time to explore the energy of the heart at a much deeper level and to illuminate its vast availability beyond the known. Sri and Kira welcome author and healer Joan Cerio as they vibrantly dive into the science, spirituality and metaphysics of our heart.